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  • Jeff Bruno

Post-Pandemic: A FP&A Specialist's Reflection

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

As the Coronavirus pandemic sent shockwaves through the small business community - and - world, the team at YOCFO determined that a reimagining of its engagement execution model was needed to better serve our clients - in the moment - and over the long term.

In doing this, YOCFO adopted an approach aimed at streamlining the process of visibility around growth strategies and value creation. With this process, said value creation occurs differently, depending on the individual client and their specific needs. Giving “tailored visibility” to this process allows client CEO’s to employ “rapid strategy deployment” critical to their businesses post-covid and just as importantly, over the mid and long-term of their businesses operation and success.

YOCFO utilizes a 4-step process aimed at enhancing a client’s growth strategy from the ground up. By focusing on Lean Financial Planning & Analysis as the foundation for profitability and growth, YOCFO is able to utilize the entrepreneur/founder/CEO’s business (and personal) goals and make tangible, measurable financial steps to ensure those goals are met.

The engagement begins with the “Learn” phase, where our team analyzes a business’s current financial and strategic health. This sets up the transition to the “Define” phase where YOCFO will determine the key value drivers within a business, providing clarity as to the strategic approach needed for clients to realize results. The subsequent “Implement” phase is where the owner partners with the YOCFO team to begin deploying new metrics and strategies to grow their business. Finally, in the “Optimize” phase, YOCFO looks at the current progress of the deployed strategy and determines where adjustments are needed - based on measurable metrics - to further enhance the strategy effectiveness.

Of course, this process and a successful execution of it relies on great clients.

With the growth of our client base, YOCFO has been able to work with a wide variety of businesses and that work has provided us with a strong understanding of what an engaged client looks like.

Recently, we took on a - profitable - $5MM a year client who has demonstrated the makings of that engaged YOCFO Lean FP&A/ Growth Strategy client.

Not only is this client run by a smart and passionate CEO with strong roots in her - highly specialized - industry, they have positioned themselves - financially - to be able to execute and maximize YOCFO’s recommendations, allowing them the to strengthen, grow and develop their business, brand and - VALUE.

Prior to engaging with our team, this client had spent 2020 going through the process of a merger, looking to expand the business - and their opportunities - in both North America and in Europe to further develop the technical and human resources needed for increased value and financial success.

As the exercise progressed, however, the CEO began having doubts surrounding the viability of the merger, the value being assigned to her business and the potential short and long-term negative implications it could have on her team and business.

Her “gut feeling” told her no, and after further consideration, decided to back out of the merger, based on her business being undervalued and the potential denigration to her culture and team “quality of life”.

This “gut feeling” around value and worth, without hard data to back it up, brought her to YOCFO - hoping we could help her to understand the “why” of her instincts and build a plan to improve her knowledge around the value of the business on an ongoing basis for both her and her employees.

Considering 2021 has continued to pose challenges for small businesses, the need for tailored “Lean FP&A” around growth strategy is more critical than ever. Whether you are looking to increase revenues and profit, streamline processes, or just understand the ongoing value of your company, YOCFO can, and will, see that your goals are met and your business sees its full potential.

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