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Business Model Management

YOCFO has identified - an across the board - structural problem with SMB’s, which limit their ability to grow, generate healthy profits and reduce their vulnerability to outside forces in the marketplace.

By utilizing our Business Model Management process, our clients derive foundational value that identifies, measures and manages the key indicators that are necessary to achieve an owner’s goals and ambitions.

YOCFO's Process Delivers Growth & Value for Our Clients

1. Learn
  • Business Model

  • Strategy

  • Historical Performance

  • Objectives

2. Define
  • Framework

  • KPIs

  • Executive Reporting

  • Benchmarking

3. Implement
  • Long-Range Projection

  • Continuous Budgeting

  • Rolling Forecasting

  • Performance Evaluation

4. Optimize
  • Framework Validation

  • Executive Oversight

  • Quality "Check-in(s)"

  • Partner Network

At Last, Business Model Clarity to Drive Real-Time Decision Making

YOCFO expertise offers your business vital strategic visibility, forward looking structural solutions and the ability to refocus your time and efforts to realize growth, profitability and VALUE.

Ultimately, educating an SMB owner about their business model, strategy, predictability and metrics….they are prepared to accelerate, grow and create value.

Our proven process is delivered to you as an “executive partner” cadence to check on key issues and to set up planning for a “bigger picture”. Continuous emphasis on growth strategy and expert advice lead to less stress, more growth, and higher profits.

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