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  • Business Model
  • Strategy
  • Historical Performance
  • Objectives


  • Framework
  • KPIs
  • Executive Reporting
  • Benchmarking


  • Long-Range Projection
  • Continuous Budgeting
  • Rolling Forecasting
  • Performance Evaluation


  • Framework Validation
  • Executive Oversight
  • Quality "Check-in(s)"
  • Partner Network

Although profitable every year, YOCFO determined SB was too heavily focused in oil/gas, causing disruption. We also determined in the "Learn" Phase that their balance sheet was out of sync.  Large amounts of money was being paid out for real estate investments that were not producing profits. With the key documents in hand and resources such as historical trends and an experienced SB Controller, we were able to craft a bank response that put SB in the best position to close the credit line renewal at a minimum.


With new credit line covenants, we realized the bank had targeted SB for default. To defend against this, we created a strong, rolling projection budget that SB provided to the bank to show how they were effectively managing overhead. Unfortunately, within a couple years, the bank went dark and YOCFO’s strategy was to help SB negotiate a new bank.

What needed to happen to secure a new bank?

  • SB had to trust the YOCFO process​

  • The owner needed to contribute $300K into SB to fix the glaring "due to's” on the books

  • With YOCFO’s strategic planning and focused forecasting, by the next year, the $5M facility was refinanced by a new bank.


In 2017, SB's sales team was waning.  Industry diversification was on the back burner and sales the team was losing steam and motivation.  We decided to evaluate the commission process and bring sales goals to the forefront of our discussions.  Questions included, should SB change their commission method? Should SB incentivize sales reps more, with less guaranteed salary? Or was the Sales VP not the right fit for the job?

With our expertise and guidance, SB completely overhauled their Sales Department and moved to a smaller, online, end-user approach.


It's now 2020 and time to make sure the SB financial team was doing their job. With all the right team members in place and a strong financial strategy, SB was on a path to continued growth. YOCFO continues to be a solid strategic partner, assisting with organizational goals and bringing solutions to the table.  SB implemented new software for inventory management to help with forecasting. SB's CEO trusted our advice and how it all tied back into strategic financial management.

  • To get to the next tier of revenue success, YOCFO supported SB's purchase the largest piece of machinery ever, $700K to be financed for manufacturing growth.

  • Together, we looked at cash flow, current leases and analysis of revenue to move forward.

  • When COVID-19 hit in the spring of 2020, orders were dropping, sales plummeted, so we adapted the models, looked at forecasts, included PPP funds, and made the decision to buy.

  • Because of a rolling financial model, SB had an understanding of cash flow and financial clarity and were confident in their purchase.

  • YOCFO continues to be embedded in SB’s financial strategy.  The ongoing partnership and strong financial framework have set SB up for continued success.

  • With SB's bank debacle of 2016, SB’s revenue dipped from $10M to $6M - YOCFO helped SB navigate back to $10M 

  • Current ratio is 5.5 compared to 2.0 in early 2017

  • Debt to equity improved 10%

  • Sales team transformed

  • Real estate sold brought $500K back to the business

  • $700K equipment is installed with production ramping up in the Spring of 2020

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