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Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Insights

FIGSCORE™ (Financial Intelligence Growth Score), is a proprietary tool developed by YOCFO and first deployed with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC). Unlike typical financial metrics currently in use, like revenue growth, profitability, job growth, and market share, YOCFO combines quantitative and qualitative metrics into a cohesive scoring system to drive a client's financial engine. It represents a way to "measure" smart metrics around business success and an owner's "financial & strategic IQ".


FIGSCORE™ is both an operational template and a best practices benchmark for business strength and growth. It represents a comprehensive view of potential future risk factors, and the strategic and financial aptitude of key resources within an organization. YOCFO uses FIGSCORE™ as a smart metric for comprehensive and ongoing financial analysis.  PIDC utilized FIGSCORE™ to fulfill their need to bring measurable success metrics to their business loan program clients. 

FIGSCORE™ Metrics Component Parts
Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management strategies and models inform cash position, run rates, and how long you can operate a business.

Risk Assessment

Analyzing your business's operating leverage vs. financial leverage. Tracking of budget vs. actual variance and vulnerability.

Financial Operations

CFO Accounting, accounting cycles, bookkeeping, payroll, inventory management, and process reliability.

Financial Growth Strategy

Lean FP&A, to bring clarity that informs intelligent strategic growth opportunities and operational efficiency.

Growth Score

Smart metrics are tracked vs. the financial key performance indicators and goals. Measurable improvements to bankability, access to capital, and financial leverage inform growth.

Financial Intelligence

Improving the owner's ability to lead a dynamic impactful business.  The FIGSCORE process grows financial literacy and solidifies the owner's capability to recognize and manage strategic financial issues for their company.

The purpose of a FIGSCORE™ is to give business owners a rational and unemotional approach to the health of their company finances and ability to grow. FIGSCORE™ is the fundamental “secret sauce” that YOCFO implements to monitor the success of strategic financial issues for a company over time. Our FP&A and growth strategy teams establish an initial FIGSCORE™ for all clients.  This baseline FIGSCORE™ is not just a static measurement.  It acts as a dynamic compass to measure ongoing success and business operations over time.

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