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Brain Storming on Paper

Lean FP&A

YOCFO provides the benefit of a full-time strategic CFO at a fraction of the cost with their monthly retainer pricing model. Our clients derive value from our FIGSCORE metrics and benchmarks which provide a tangible and accurate ongoing perspective about the financial and forward looking health of your business. Our FP&A process will help you to grow your business, profits, and vision.

YOCFO Process Delivers Growth for our Clients

1. Learn
  • Business Model

  • Strategy

  • Historical Performance

  • Objectives

2. Define
  • Framework

  • KPIs

  • Executive Reporting

  • Benchmarking

3. Implement
  • Long-Range Projection

  • Continuous Budgeting

  • Rolling Forecasting

  • Performance Evaluation

4. Optimize
  • Framework Validation

  • Executive Oversight

  • Quality "Check-in(s)"

  • Partner Network

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At last, financial clarity to drive
real-time decision making.

Your Outsourced CFO experts offer your business vital strategic CFO capabilities like maximizing cash flow and profit, without the expense of a full-time hire.  

We use our proprietary FIGSCORE platform to organize and prioritize financial operations.

Ultimately, educating you about strategy, finance, and cash management so you can FOCUS on your business.

Our proven process is delivered to you in ongoing meetings to check in on key issues, and plan for the bigger picture. Continuous emphasis on growth strategy and expert advice lead to less stress, more growth, and higher profits.

Business Research
Watch as Jeff Bruno, President & CEO of YOCFO discusses how we can improve the financial intelligence of your business
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