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Business Meeting

Trusted support from an experienced growth partner to bring perspective to your business.

Our clients benefit from ongoing Financial Planning and Analytics (FP&A), strategic advice, negotiation support, and ad-hoc consulting delivered by our dedicated client teams. Your business will increase its financial acumen and develop insights into key financial metrics.

Working Together

YOCFO delivers financial clarity for clients that include manufacturing, retail, and professional services sectors. These are typically in the $2.5 to $10 million dollar revenue range. They empower clients with their proprietary FIGSCORE platform for effective organizing, planning, decision making, and growth acceleration.

To learn more visit our Case Studies.  

Team work

Our financial intelligence experts immerse themselves into their client's financial processes to help bring them from financial uncertainty to a clear business growth strategy.  Our team takes pride in helping you to embrace financial concepts, benchmarks, processes, and leverage. We bring the value of other people's ideas, and perspectives to define strategy and grow with you.


By working with YOCFO, clients find that the benefits of increasing their financial literacy bring them:

  • Improved cashflow and forecasting

  • Improved financial literacy, and bankability to increase capital

  • Improved margins, inventory management, and personnel productivity

  • Business growth and capital strategy

  • Business exit planning and merger opportunities

YOCFO Understands and Solves Financial Pain Points

Client questions and business challenges are answered through the lens of our experienced team.

How do I secure access to capital?
How fast can my company grow?
Where is my spending bloated?
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